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of the elder brother put at leg

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The saying Shu is wise to toward whistle son of order way:“You embrace a kid first to return to temple.Moreover make the domestic affairs mansion send two milk Niangs, this kid is a premature but livings, originally prepare of milk Niang but is use not to ascend.If the domestic affairs mansion temporarily send not come of words, call first small the elder brother’s milk Niang take over, could not was hungry small did the elder brother know?“

The whistle son blessing body should be, this entered to produce building to embrace a kid to go.But the Shu is wise the Jin and four blessing Jin then towarding blessing to say:“We go to front the palace wait, eight sisters-in-law’s funeral affairses still have to arrange first some kind of.“


A funeral affairs of open emperor son blessing Jin does still very solemn and impressive of, but solemn and impressive mean tedious, isn’t wise Shu a day the ability is whole understand.She sat a short while with two sisters-in-law in eight Ye your homes and waited three elder brother and four after elder brother came, hand over to them the important event of front.And need Shu wise be responsible for of just backyard of some arrangements, because of wear after all isn’t oneself’s house, the Shu is wise also just press a processing for a while, order slave to prepare the letting of type of hemp mourning garment plain white cloth those wait on the Qies to stay by the side for eight blessing Jin first be.

Wait favour to finish these temple, the sky is also quickly black.Yin with drove to go to beyond the frontier, the whole eastern temple Shu was wise to is the biggest main son, she was first entering east temple after of road up asked the circumstance in this day of inside of temple, see a nothing important demand, she worried of, also trust.

After needing the bedchamber of returning to oneself, the Shu is wise to just open mouth an order of way:“Embrace that kid to come, show this temple.“

Whistle son early came over to wait upon when the wise Shu comes back, this meeting son listenned to words of wise Shu and immediately made the expression of eyes to small maid-in-waiting and had no a short while thus kid be embraced to come. Prada Shoes High Tops

The Shu is wise to born so many sons, in the small time for the sons is all what hand handle knob takes in person big, so holding the baby her was very well-trained, she faded A set first, and then wash hand face, then just after picking up this little nephew, steadily embrace at bosom in.

The Shu is wise to looking at to still be vomiting bubbles not to know the baby passing away natural mother, long long tone, she lightly ordered the small nose of ordering the baby and soliloquized of say:“Lo so the looks pour is with you the Ma is many, alas, this is a good matter to your!If be like your words of sum Niang more, grew up to have no quasi- Be about to be free from a liking of your emperor Ma method.“

After feeling deeply about this, the Shu is wise to ask a way again:“Can call to cured to let this kid once see too?“

The whistle son is in response to the way:“Call on coming back to excel pediatric to cured to once see too, cures to say too much small elder brother though don’t be born for enough months, however keep in the foetus well, the body is very still a Kang Jian.Is moreover small elder brother’s sucking at breast is powerful, the domestic affairs mansion temporarily didn’t deliver milk Niang, the maidservant pressed your ordered and call first we the elder brother’s milk Niang feed.“

The Shu is wise to nod a way:“From should thus, we the elder brother has four milk Niangs and feed one more enough sufficient.“Say the Shu is wise to ask a way again:“Can you have already notified a good imperial concubine?Does the good imperial concubine have to see this kid?“(The not yet finished treats continuously)

194_ chapter 194s that is pure to wear a princess at time of death of the words renewal complete!

Chapter 195 four Yes make moves

195_ chapter 195s that is pure to wear a princess four Yes make moves to come from()

Whistle son way:“Maidservant naturally once temple notified, the good imperial concubine empress receives letter to rush through to see, very is like to be small elder brother.“

The Shu is wise to smell speech Han a head a way:“Want to necessarily wait eight the elder brother come back, this kid will be embraced a good imperial concubine to go to in temple, reckoning can not also use how long and first and carefully look after!“
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BE saying words, see the milk Niang notify in the outside, is a son Shu now Be wise to walk for a day, came back again have no momentary call pediatric son to see, we east temple inside of little most minimum Hong for overlord Ai elder brother, the small guy of childhood name blessing son made Teng, this not and simply of call the milk Niang let to send him to come over, Kui get don’t this kid like to cry, otherwise still need to weep aloud!

The Shu is wise to see the pediatric son coming, favour bosom in of the elder brother put at leg the Ta of the side up, then smile an order way:“Is quick call the blessing son comes in.“

Indeed as expected this blessing son after coming in the Deng wears calf to hurtle a wise direction of Shu of call a , the Shu wise favour starts to start to embrace a son, then just sits down to coax a way:“, Didn’t see for a day, the blessing son of sum Niang had darling of have fun in the home?Thought sum Niang?“

At this time from there is the milk Niang to wait upon blessing son gathering together interesting of say:“Is not a Yao, lord son just walk, small lord son keep call sought you, afterwards be still Kui the big space space specially came to shine on to looking at small lord son, small lord the son just don’t cry and scream.“

Shu once the wise purse one’s lips smile, after glimpsing that milk Niang, stay calm and collected of say:“You descend first Xie meeting, let this temple to looking at this small whet person Jing.“

Wait once the milk Niangs and the maid – in – waitingses walk, the Shu is wise to descend face to ask a way for the Liao:“How?Now son can the Xin accompany blessing son for a day?“

anxious can not eat heat bean curd

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Just she hasn’t taken notice of to after death have a person and pour now is discover.

„Wait bottom, I first drink cup wine with this beauty.Is newly arrived, need to thoroughly look after care!“Li Zong, especially the idea chases four words in“care care“s and says very heavily.

Two women also really know mutually, what affair should ask, what affair should contend for, they compare anyones to all understand!

„Beauty, first time?“Li Zong’s look in the eyes seems to see a find.

The red Die smiled to smile, then picked up the red wine on the table and quaffed in one gulped!

„Like, What a good capacity for liquor!“So hot woman, he is to like very much.

Don’t seem to be general woman bashful of, and all have no personality.This woman, be really good, true***too good.

„Li Zong, long smell name.Today sees and really is known for to rather meet!“The red Die threw a seductive eyes, then smiled.

This glad eye, that but let Li Zong’s mind, all with ripple.This woman, What a the man’s cutthroat!
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„Ha ha!Come, we drink one cup!“Poured a cup wine to put at the hand of red Die in.

The red Die also answered to come over and smiled to sing of, the one mouthful drank clean.

„Beauty, I still don’t know your name.“Lee’s always whole realization, all stayed around the body of red Die up, one wants to rush toward her to.

The red Die tooks a look on all sides, then lightly of at his ear side ha wear spirit.“Cutthroat.“

That is very soft, voice take to cast a glamour, it is thorough to seduce into wrong doing Li Zong.

„Like, this name good!“This woman really more sees the month containing lingering charm.

„Li Zong, we have fun to order the special and go not?“Lightly say by the side of his ear again.

Li Zong Zhi feels mind and body fanaticism, the woman who casts a glamour is really each bone that chases him and all evacuated.

„You all go out!“Scathingly say, don’t see those as well two, just still hugged of beauty

„Li Zong ……“ two women call together, the voice is sad and unwilling.

„Owner!“The head of a bodyguard head doesn’t trust of saw one jealous Die, see Li Zong again.

The red Die not and urgently and not and slowly looking at Li Zong.“How?, Feared me to eat you?“

Lee is always anxious and fretful unbearable now, where still take care of of so many!

„Go out, I am an owner, still are you an owner?You woman, can eat me not to become?“The Li Zong disaffection looking at(4) bodyguard, be really can’t see an affair.

„BE, walk!“Four bodyguards all went out together.

„You also go out!“See don’t see those two women as well, the body tightly gets red Die. Cheap Womens Prada Sneakers

Two women really feel unwilling, , Lee always opens here, will seek theirs each time.’This woman exactly is where come out to come?

They also not interfere with what, also this time just.Ask for Nu Li Zong, later illegitimate profit, that was to all have no.

„Baby, they all walked.“Hand, slowly from next upwards.

„Is alas, anxious what, anxious can not eat heat bean curd.“Sadly saw one eye Li Zong, then sit at another part.

„Hot bean curd?I have never eaten.Today, do we come right away this?“Li Zong’s eyes keep to straightly stare at the chest of red Die.

Cone crusher is one kind of new crushing machine with the advantages of big power, big crushing ratio and high crushing efficiency. This machine is researched on the basis of international advanced crushing theory and the current situation of mining industry. Cone crusher is used for crushing various hard rock, mineral ore, slag, refractory materials, etc. Cone crusher is divided into spring cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, and high efficiency cone crusher and so on.

As one kinds of commonly used mining equipment, spring cone crusher is commonly used for crushing various hard rock, mineral ore, slag and refractory material and other materials. Customer can adjust the crushing degree and particle size of final product according to its actual demand to achieve the best effect.

Cone Crusher

Facing with the different types of cone crusher in the mining market, we should have a common sense of this machine. This cone breaker can be used in the mine exploration, construction material, transportation and chemical industry. It is suitable for the medium and fine crushing process of various mineral ore and rocks. Spring cone crusher has the advantages of wide application, good technology and the reliable quality.

There are many types of spring cone crusher in the mining market. The different crushing machine has different functions and the fineness demands. Different type’s cone crushers can meet the various demands of different customers. To the different raw materials, for example, iron ore, copper ore, granite, basalt, limestone, quartz stone, diabase and so on, the customer should choose the suitable crushing chamber according to the application scope of final product. Under normal circumstances, the standard crushing chamber is suitable for the medium crushing process, medium crushing chamber is suitable for the fine crushing process and the short heat crushing chamber is suitable for the super fine crushing process.

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compound cone crusher:

Impact crusher in high-speed rotation of the rotor driven by plate, each type of material of falling cycle is repeated impact. With the plate hammer and impact plate of material under the interaction of broken. The hard rock impact crusher is one new type impactor equipment produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.

When we use hard rock impact crusher for production, its transmission bearing in the long run will produce certain heating up. When the bearing temperature rises too high, it can cause a certain degree of production. Therefore, when the impact stone crusher operation found after bearing temperature rises too high, we should inspect the equipment in timeAfter the machine’s failure eliminates, it can run to work again.

impact crusher

Impactor crusher drive bearing need to add lubricating oil and clean regularly, to keep the bearing flexibility of operation. When impactor breaker bearing for other production reason appears damaged, It can cause temperature rise too high, we should be timely to replace bearings. To avoid the damaged bearing cause damage to other components, equipment bearing of the bearing cover too close, it is also the main reason that causes the temperature rise.

When we don’t add lubricating oil agent bearing equipment a long time, bearing oil deficiency can lead to bearing friction resistance increases, resulting in high temperature. At this point, adding the oil bearing in time, and ensure the lubricating oil cleaning agent, It is important to note that the oil can also lead to bearing temperature rise too high. So according to the specific work of bearing oil production situation, check the oil level standard, restore bearing flexibility of operation. When installing fastening to adjust the firmness of good connecting bolts, keep the consistence, and eliminate the impact crusher work bearing temperature anomalies.

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Impact crusher can be used for processing the various ore, rock and other materials whose compressive strength is less than 320MPa. Due to its wide application, it also can be called impactor crusher, impact breaker, impact crusher machine and so on. Impactor crusher is widely used in the water metallurgy, high way, artificial sand industry, raw material industry and so on. Impact breaker produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has the features of simple structure, good crushing broad and impact liner plate. According to the technological improvement, impact crusher has performance of big crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency and good particle size of final product.

Impact Crusher

With the development of the times and the progress of the society, the consumption concepts of people are changing all the time. The traditional producing pattern of the impactor crusher has cannot meet the requirement of the modern people. The main bottleneck problems of the traditional impact crusher production are as follows:

1. Many elements lead to the small batch and multiple batches problems. Because of the behindhand scientific technology, the single market demand, and the backward management point of view which leads to the low level of automation and unique function of the manufacturing equipment. The inventory of the adjustment to the equipment according to the different products characters and different technology is small.

2. The switch time of the products is too long, and the production efficiency is low. The inventory quantity is too big; the demand of the impact crusher is lower. But with the quick development of the mining industries, people has put up the new demand of the impact crusher’s performance and structure, no matter whether the appearance or the performance is changing.

3. The inventory of the machines is required to promoted, mainly reflects at the customer service, sales service pre-sale and after-sale service aspects. The updated degree and the quality of the impact crusher are promoted, as well as the service of the manufacture factory.

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The coal gasifier usually made the synthetic natural gas with coal and steam.When it works, the coal is filled in from the upper side of the gasifier. When the raw material coal goes down, it will met with the steam that blowed into the gasifier from the bottom. There will occur the chemical reaction after been heated by the high temperature.That is how the coal gas gasifier produce the gas. Coal will play an important role in providing the energy in the future several years. There are so large amount of storage of coal mines in the world.However,the coal may provide the energy in another way instead of the traditional burning into gas, but made into the synthetic natural gas by coal gasifier.

coal mill

With the increasing of the oil price, the strategic position of coal will be more and more important. But there will exist a problem that how to induce the are pollution when apply the coal energy. The answer is: making it into synthetic natural gas. The coal gasifier made by Fote Machinery Group is just the right mature, environmentally friendly and cost saving gasification machine.

Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and trader specializing in the research, development and production of machinery. we specialize in the following machines: stone crushers, grinding mill, sand making machine, feeder and screen, stone crushing plant, rock crushing plant, marble crusher, concrete crusher etc. All of our products comply with International quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. If you have any problems of hammer crusher or other mining equipment, contact us, glad to help you. Fote is always putting emphasis on technology innovation, and gains good reputation home and aboard. welcome to our company.

With the increasing demands of construction aggregate, Fote metal crushing machine, light weight aggregate plant has made an rapidly growth in technology, and has made great contribution to development of many mines in the world.

metal breakers:

Raw ore hardness: The hardness is different for different ores. The fact is fixed for one ore and can never be adjusted. But in the process, at the premise of beneficiation process technology, you can match the ore reasonably to make the size of the ores uniform, and reasonable and stable in the ratio of block shaped ore and ash ore.

Size of the crushing particle and screen hole: It is crucial for the fact of crushing particle size and adjustment of screen hole. The workers of the ball mill should monitor the crushing system. If the feeding size of the ball mill changed, the worker should reflect to the crushing workshop immediately. The finner for size of the finial crushing size, the better.

ball mill

Controlling the grinding fineness effectively is the crucial fact to reduce the beneficiation cost directly and improve theeconomic effect of the magnetic separation process. Firstly, you should know about the entire effect fact of the grinding fineness. To sum up, the facts that effect the grinding fineness are: hardness of raw ores, crushing particle size,size of the screening hole,amount of the feeding ore, ball mill type, steel ball amount, ball size ratio, ball mill rotational speed, classifier rotational speed,etc.

Rotational speed of ball mill and classifier: The rotational speed of ball mill and classifier are fixed when bought, so please check and consult that when buying. After knowing these facts, we should check one by one when production operation to fine the perfect adjustment fact. Controlling the grinding fineness reasonably can reduce the beneficiation cost directly, so that it can improve the economic effect at the Fote time.

After 30 years of reform and development, Fote Heavy Machinery has achieved numerous honors on research and development of ceramic ball mill, ball mill manufacturers and other machinery, including various kinds of certificates and awards issued by government organizations, media and marketing research organizations.

rod mill supplier:

Ball mill is very common in the beneficiation equipments. The amount of the ball load can not only affect the grinding efficiency and productivity, but also affect the using life of ball mill. So,it is very important to balance the amount of ball load in the using process of ball mill. The relationships between the amount of ball load and the productivity of ball mill: The amount of ball loading affect directly on the productivity of ball mill.It we load too much ball into the ball mill,every ball can not be crushed properly and that can not reach the perfect grinding efficiency. If we load too little,every ball can reach the best grinding ability. However, in all,the total grinding ability is limited. So, we should choose the suitable amount of ball loading.

ball mill

As the result from the test,when the loading amount occupy the 40% of the total contain of the ball mill,the productivity of the ball mill can reach the perfect situation.But in the real production process, we usually need to load the ball at about 35% of the contain, that will be better. How to check whether the ball loading amount is suitable or not: The ore feeding amount and overflow fineness of the classifier unchanged, while the back sand reduced, this indicates that the grinding efficiency of the ball mill was strengthened.In this situation, we can add the amount of ore loading. According to the sieve analysis of the sand return of classifier,if the mineral particles that size close to the overflow size increased, it indicates that the amount of little ball is not enough; Conversely,if the coarse mineral increase, it means that the big ball amount is not enough.

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rod grinding machine:

There are many key natural resources such as stone, uranium,semiprecious stones,naturals gas,oil,silver,coal and cement materials in Kyrgyzstan. Although many minerals are mined in the country, stone accounted for 90% of the more than mined minerals. The country also has deposits of those minerals that were not mined and some of them include bauxite, iron ore, copper, tin, zinc, sulfur, tungsten, lead and arsenic. But how to mine these resources? What machines are needed when mining the ores ? Fote Machinery will tell you the secret.

jaw crusher

In the mining process of many metallic and non-metallic ores, the crushing machines, belt conveyor, vibrating feeder and vibrating screen are the common machines that must use. But the exact machine model should be chose according to the material size and capacity. In several processes, the stone or ores grinding machines are also needed.If you want to explore the metallic ores and want to improve the grade of the metal, the flotation machine or mineral separation machines are also needed. So, when want to do some metallic and non-metallic ores exploration in Kyrgyzstan, please consult Fote Machinery Mine Machinery at any time for crushing and screening machines in mineral industry.

Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and trader specializing in the research, development and production of machinery. we specialize in the following machines: stone crushers, grinding mill, sand making machine, feeder and screen, stone crushing plant, rock crushing plant, marble crusher, concrete crusher etc. All of our products comply with International quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. If you have any problems of hammer crusher or other mining equipment, contact us, glad to help you. Fote is always putting emphasis on technology innovation, and gains good reputation home and aboard. welcome to our company.

Fote wins many honors by the exquisite techniques and advanced technology of micro-powder plant, calcite grinding mill and other equipment, and we will do our best to get your satisfaction. We firmly believe that we can get sincere repay with our sincere dedication.

energy saving briquette machine:


We usually need the crushing machines, grinding machines,dryers,calcine,cooler and screen in the produce process of ceramic aggregate.Fote Machinery provides the whole production line for ceramic sand process. Ceramic aggregate is a kind of lightweight aggregate that is usually made from clay,shale,slate,coal gangue,alumina etc. This kind of aggregate can be widely used as building materials,gardening,refractory and thermal insulation materials, due to the characteristics of light weight,low density and the good effect of heat insulation.

vibrating feeder

Firstly, the vibrating feeder will feed the alumina raw material into the jaw crusher for coarse crushing, then the conveyor belt will transfer the crushed stone into impact fine crusher or hammer crusher to crush the stones into fine materials. After this the finial material size even can be smaller than 5 mm. That is why this kind of aggregate is also called ceramic sand.Then the ceramic sand will be transferred to the ball mill to be grinded into ash.

Then the disc pelletizer will make the ash into granule when the ash are mixed with the water and additives. The ceramic granule will be dried in the rotary dryer and calcined in the rotary kiln.After been cooled in the cooler machine,we can use the screen to separate the different size of ceramic sand according to your need.Our effective rock crusher could be applied to series of construction companies. For instance, the cement factories and building companies would need to use it to accomplish completed tasks. It enable the customers to earn more profits since the energy consumption is reduced. During the researching and manufacturing, Fote Machinery believe that we should connect our designs with the market demand.

After 30 years of reform and development, Fote Heavy Machinery has achieved numerous honors on research and development of chute feeder, pendulum feeder and other machinery, including various kinds of certificates and awards issued by government organizations, media and marketing research organizations.