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merchandise concrete stirring station staff was in under the guidance of the laboratory work in the technology, should according to laboratory required to do, and to actively cooperate with the laboratory work, grasp the good raw material which comes into play off: commercial concrete mixing room in addition to the frequency of self, the mixing station receiving member of each vehicle approach of sand and gravel in visual abnormalities must notify commodity concrete mixing station laboratory come to confirm that and after laboratory agreed only after the truck concrete block making machine , to prevent unqualified sand stone approach, the approach of all sand, stone test station Concrete Block Making Machine ;

Henan Daswell Machinery Co., Ltd,is a professional manufacturer and trader specializing in the research, development and production of construction machinery for nearly 30 years. Our main products are as follows:mobile concrete mixing plant price,concrete batching plants,concrete mixer,blocking making machine,concrete pump,etc.

3, concrete mixing station mixing before mixing station staff first check whether the normal operation of host concrete batch plant, can confirm the concrete mixing in normal operation only after small mobile brick making machine ;

Concrete mixer working efficiency and what is the relationship between cheap concrete block making machine

Henan Daswell Machinery Co., Ltd,is a professional manufacturer and trader specializing in the research, development and production of construction machinery for nearly 30 years. Our main products are as follows:concrete mixer,concrete batching plants,concrete mixer,blocking making machine,concrete pump,etc.

Construction of concrete mixer is usually involved in the project construction: roads, bridges, buildings sicoma planetary mixer, etc. construction of these are inseparable from the concrete mixer’s, but the use of concrete mixer types and sizes of different, and the working strength of the concrete mixer different difference.

Concrete mixer in today’s society, the rapid development of the product, the need to use concrete mixer where there are many, whether it is civil concrete mixer, or concrete mixer works. Are widely used by the vast number of users.

Concrete mixer working efficiency and what is the relationship between concrete block making machine :

The working efficiency of concrete mixer is related to the way of feeding egg laying block machine .

For example: common civilian type concrete mixer: JZC series climb bucket drum type concrete mixer portable batch plant, JZM friction drum type concrete mixer; common engineering with concrete mixer JDC series lifting forced type concrete mixer, JS series of double horizontal shaft forced type concrete mixer concrete mixer js series .

Henan Daswell Machinery Co., Ltd,is a professional manufacturer and trader specializing in the research, development and production of construction machinery for nearly 30 years. Our main products are as follows:double horizontal shaft concrete mixer,concrete batching plants,concrete mixer,blocking making machine,concrete pump,etc.

JZC series climb bucket drum concrete mixer feeding way is climbing bucket, stirring feeding at the same time not, so the production efficiency is low, relative to the drum type mixer and under the same conditions, the promotion of material; the JDC series upgrade forced type concrete mixer although is lifting feeding but general and concrete batching machine collocation is used, so to be higher than the general civilian type lifting feeding drum type concrete mixer production efficiency HZS60 ready concrete plant .

In some of the long Ding concrete mixer manufacturers to remind you to buy concrete mixer must be sure to check the important components of concrete mixer. This concrete mixer can be guaranteed in the project to play better benefits block making machine .

The commonly used method of detailed cleaning forced mixer Force type Concrete Mixer

Henan Daswell Machinery Co., Ltd,is a professional manufacturer and trader specializing in the research, development and production of construction machinery for nearly 30 years. Our main products are as follows:concrete batching plant,concrete batching plants,concrete mixer,blocking making machine,concrete pump,etc.

Forced mixer is the mixing drum of the moving blade force materials towards all directions, forced mixer mixing bulk materials, according to a certain proportion of mixing into the appropriate concrete, operation process is simple, easy to use. But the concrete mixer is commonly used when using electricity, just click on the button on the line, is the essential equipment in construction engineering.

Due to the forced mixer in the particle movement direction and the velocity of each are not identical, mutual between shear slip and interpenetration, diffusion, which forced mixer in a very short period of time, the materials Concrete mixing plant mini mix concrete batching plant, mixing evenly, the forced mixing mechanism known as shear mixing mechanism. Compulsory mixer applies to ordinary concrete slump below 3cm and lightweight aggregate concrete.

The following is a detailed introduction of the common methods of cleaning forced mixer concrete mixer equipment

after the use of water and gravel into the forced mixer mixing drum 10~15 minutes to clean, and then the water and Shi Ziqing out. If the operator is required to be cleaned in a mixing drum. In addition to cutting force mixer power and remove fuse, and to lock the switch box Concrete Brick Making Machine ;

Henan Daswell Machinery Co., Ltd,is a professional manufacturer and trader specializing in the research, development and production of construction machinery for nearly 30 years. Our main products are as follows:beton mixer,concrete batching plants,concrete mixer,blocking making machine,concrete pump,etc.

2, if found forced mixer and the inner wall of the drum is strong, is strictly prohibited using a sledgehammer to play the way clear deposited concrete mixer drum of concrete, only with a chisel slowly removed Mini concrete mixer .

3, after application of water cleaning forced mixer drum and put the net water pump, water tank, water pipe beton mixer, to avoid freezing (especially in cold season) Portable concrete mixer .

This forced mixer manufacturers to remind you, in the use of forced mixer of forced mixer cleaning is also extending its service life, and can improve work efficiency in next time use forced mixer.

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Several Indianapolis Colts will be packing up their bags and heading to Hawaii at the end of this NFL postseason Shaun Wright-Phillips Jersey , and not just for vacation to escape the cold weather. Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis are four of the best and most dedicated players in the league this year, and the NFL recently announced that these four superstars will represent the Indianapolis Colts and the AFC in the 2009 Pro Bowl.

This year’s Pro Bowl game will take place on February 8 at Honolulu’s Aloha Stadium, and the Colts are once again sending a strong crew of militia men onto the field for it. Peyton Manning is back for his ninth Pro Bowl appearance in 11 seasons as the AFC’s starting quarterback, sparking a new league record along with his brother (New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, who was picked as a reserve quarterback on the NFC’s Pro Bowl team) as this is the first time two quarterback brothers will appear on the field together in the Pro Bowl. Colts‘ receiver Reggie Wayne is readying himself for Hawaii for the third time, this time as a reserve, and defensive end Dwight Freeney will also be making an appearance for the fourth time as a starter for the AFC in the Pro Bowl.

Also in the news Sean Davis Jersey , another Colts defensive end also made the Pro Bowl for the first time ever. DE Robert Mathis, currently leading the Colts with 11 陆 sacks, will be heading to Hawaii as part of the AFC Pro Bowl team this year, and although he’ll be part of the reserve, this attention he’s receiving from his stellar performances is long past overdue.

While Manning, Wayne, Freeney and Mathis are all spending the day celebrating their Pro Bowl nominations, one Indianapolis player unexpectedly got the shaft in this year’s pickings: Bob Sanders. The two-time Pro Bowl safety was not chosen for this year’s team, putting the cap on a somewhat disappointing season so far. Sanders‘ right knee injury has kept him out of nine games so far this season (including last week’s game against the Detroit Lions Santiago Castano Jersey ,) and the standout safety also relinquished his spot to Denver Broncos safety John Lynch in the Pro Bowl last year after an injury kept him from competing in the postseason.
With the wide variety of handbags out there, how do you pick the right style for you? How about durability? Several ladies pick handbags because of their style and to match certain outfits. But soon, they will wear out because these bags are not being used for what they were made for. On how certain types of handbags should be used, here are a few tips. If you have a lot of different items that you carry around with you, Tote bags are the best bags. They are usually more durable and have a larger capacity. Tote bags tend to have compartments for cell phones, keys, water bottles or whatever you may need. Tote bags also have a special feature – because they are larger, they make you look smaller. Instant weight loss! Shoulder bags have been called the workhorses of handbags. Shoulder bags, like the tote bag have a large capacity and many different compartments to hold your belongings. The difference is Sal Zizzo Jersey , shoulder bags have straps that are longer and can be slung over your shoulder, freeing your hands for more essential things. Satchels come in different shapes and sizes and have been known to be called the true handbags. Satchels have smaller handles that can be tucked under your arm to free up your hands when necessary or can be held in your hand. Satchels also have the classic look that you can never go wrong with. The evening bag, also known as a clutch, is the best choice if you are having a night out and only have a few necessities to take with you. These bags are strapless and is a small package that will fit over your wrist. Evening bags tend to be fancier and can add a touch of elegance to any outfit. when picking the perfect handbag for you, there are a few other things to also take into consideration. Take into consideration how much use you are putting the bag through. For everyday use, choose a bag made from leather, canvas, twill or a sturdy PVC material. Focus on the type of closures of your handbag. How much security do you need? Will a zipper be appropriate or will a simple clasp suffice? Last but certainly not least, consider the functionality of your handbag. While they are in your handbag Sacha Kljestan Jersey , how accessible do you need your cell phone and keys? With the wide range of handbags available, how do you pick the right style for you? How about durability? Several ladies pick handbags because of their style and to match certain outfits. But soon, because they are not being used for what they were made for, these bags will wear out. On how certain types of handbags should be used, here are a few techniques. With the wide range of handbags available, how do you pick the right style for you? How about durability? Several ladies pick handbags because of their style and to match certain outfits. But soon, because they are not being used for what they were made for, these bags will wear out. On how certain types of handbags should be used, here are a few techniques. By now Roy Miller Jersey , you are familiar with which hidden spy caras are best hidden inside innocuous vision like the one they state. The more plain and bland it really is the greater. The majority of hidden spy caras are fixed type caras like wall clocks, exit signs, alarm clocks, boom boxes, wall mirrors, and DVD players and so on. They provide the hidden in innocuous vision feature and because a further benefit, they may usually be connected to a nearby force outlet on the wall. Until newly there were no portable options. Day by day technologies is making progress because all the ti and the improvents inside the field advantages you a lot. At present there are a number of portable mini hidden spy caras aessible in the marketple that all have DVR’s integrated into them.Transmission distance. An option which provides you an additional.


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CON: Despite so claims otherwise creatine serum is not 100 stable Lab tests have own that the serum eventually breaks down into a different substance called creatinine which is useless for muscles Also creatine liquid does not work instantaneously It s debatable how much faster (if any) creatine serum begins to work pared to creatine powder but it is impossible for any substance to begin working as soon as it s ingestedPRO: However creatine serum may seem to absorb faster for so individuals It is impossible for either creatine powder or serum to work instantly but so people find that for themselves creatine in its serum form appears to tivate sooner than powder It s all a matter of finding out what works best for you Creatine in any form has proven to be a safe way to gain energy for your workouts in an effort to build muscle It seems unlikely any form of creatine will prove to be head and oulders above the rest That leaves it up to the individual to decide what works bestCON: When creatine powder was first introduced it was fairly expensive These days you can get an average sized bottle (around 500g) for sowhere beeen $20 $30 Creatine serum though certainly not expensive tends to cost a little bit more than it s powdered equivalent in equal doses If the main difference beeen the o is ease of use many consurs might not find that reason enough to spend the extra caLiquid creatine serum works to do the sa job as powder but since it is a liquid it is absorbed into the body much more effectively It doesn’t have to go through the digestive phase which ans you don’t have to worry about changing your diet around to get the most out of the supplent A problem many people experience with the powder version of creatine is bloating but with creatine monohydrate liquid you don’t have to worry When a person takes a powder creatine serving before a workout it will help build muscle but you have to worry about how it will affect your body during your routine Most avid weightlifters who take powder creatine don’t eat anything the hours before their workout so they can hieve the most benefits from the supplent but with liquid creatine your body absorbs it faster and will be less likely to affect your body before and after a workout Karl Milan writes articles about sports nutrition and creatine serum ( Read more about liquid creatine here – .creatine-serum.coliquid-creatineTEMPE Kyle Walker England Jersey , Ariz. — Now that Bruce Arians has his tight ends, the Arizona Cardinals‘ offense can start to take shape.

The final piece of the puzzle was added in the second round of last weekend’s NFL draft when the Cardinals picked tight end Troy Niklas out of Notre Dame. With three new tight ends since the middle of last season, Arians can begin running his scheme like it was designed.

[+] EnlargeAP PhotoMichael ConroyNotre Dame tight end Troy Niklas‘ blocking ability adds versatility to the Cardinals‘ offense.“Totally upgraded for what we wanted to do,” Arians said. “We feel like the position is really, really solid right now. Jake (Ballard) came in and did a nice job at the end of last year. Robbie (Housler) is a different style guy, so he gives you some things in the passing game. Then Kieran Gibbs England Jersey , obviously, (John) Carlson comes in and give us an all-around type of guy also.

“Obviously, we like tight ends. We use a lot of them. This is a great fit for us.”

Niklas, who was introduced to the Arizona media on Tuesday, gives the Cardinals more options off the line of scrimmage. He can block and catch, using his 6-foot-6 frame to shield linebackers and safeties while using his flexibility to catch low passes. But where Niklas will impact the Cards’ offense the most is staying home on the line of scrimmage.

With him on the field Jordan Henderson England Jersey , Arians doesn’t have to use an extra tackle during run plays.

“When you put a tackle in like most teams, they struggle at the tight end spot versus defensive ends, versus 4-3 teams,” Arians said. “You lose a lot because the safety is down there, two yards from the line of scrimmage, because you know he’s not going off our pass.

“This is a big Jonjo Shelvey England Jersey , strong guy who can go out for passes and also block the line of scrimmage. So, we are very versatile now.”

And the Cardinals are in luck. The former outside linebacker, who said he let his pads do the talking in college, enjoys blocking.

“I like physical contact,” Niklas said. “I really don’t mind getting my head stuck in there.”

Niklas was given the Cardinals‘ playbook Monday and is already aware of how complex Arians’ offense will be. He found a few intricacies that will take a “little bit” to understand. Under the tutelage of tight end coaches Rick Christophel and Steve Heiden, Niklas said his initial role will be as an edge-setter on the run Joe Hart England Jersey , but will likely evolve into the passing game. During his draft-day conference call, Niklas said he’s “pretty good” up the seam, and is as comfortable running a wheel route as he is in a two-yard out.

That versatility will give quarterback Carson Palmer more options out of the base offense, especially when teams are keying on Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd, Andre Ellington and Ted Ginn.

Niklas is cut from the same tight end mold that has tormented the Cardinals’ defense recently. He’s 6-foot-6 and 270 pounds with a basketball body.

“In the NFL Jamie Vardy England Jersey , the tight ends are used so much more than in the past,” Niklas said. “It’s a pretty vital part of the offense now. It’s just hard for linebackers to cover us because of our speed, and it’s hard for safeties to cover us because of our size. It creates a lot of mismatches.”

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Trends keep changing every season so do won’s tastes. Although recognized designers and faion magazines often decide what’s in and what’s out every season most of us makes our individual choice. That’s why a lot of the trends have lasted for a long period now and ow no indication of fading away. Wearing kas kids like a faion statent is for won in the present day and tomorrow; for professional career won to faionistas and glamour divas. This iny Bobby Moore Jersey , leading edge faion emblem has arrived to be and it is winning won’s hearts worldwide.Instances when offices diamonds were aepted as a girl’s best panion. But that’s passe now; first there’re expensive. Secondly amongst gatherings of subtle, understated faionable people they be noticeable like sore thumb. Swarovski Crystal in contrast is regarded as elegant and very classy. It will ow you off being a woman with fine taste and wins you brownie points at professional etings or social dos.Swarovski Crystal has been online for more than a century now and has earned its reputation due to its extraordinary cuts and different designs which might be often spectular. It’s probably already found a ho like a prized possession with your elves or as tableware. Now you could start to use it with your sleeve and produce it your signature style?Extly what does Swarovski Crystal offer won these days? You find their jewelry and aessories that fit every purpose. You can find sothing simple yet attention grabbing for the professional gathering just like a seminar or possibly a conference. It will help you ine amongst your peers to get you attention you deserve. You may opt to use more glamorous for a social do or a date using the object of your desire. He surely can’t take his eyes from you. You can even wear it in the family event or friends‘ get-togethers and wow them with your sense of style. You could get earrings and pendants Bobby Charlton Jersey , brelets and neckles in latest designs. Concurrently, you can aquire the eternal favorite classic designs that better known for their tiless charm. A single bit of jewelry or aessory is going to be enough to provide you seen in everyone else and you can mix different pieces and srize your audience. Now you will get tiaras or stick on tattoos which might be very trendy and speak volus for ones style. They are utilized as aessories and poli your lifestyle flawlessly. Designers often make coats Blank Jersey , dresses, jkets and scarves working with it healthy of applique designs. These clothing lines are well-received by the masses.You can find your personal studs jewelry item or aessory online in addition. We love to to experience a number of designs to choose from and you’ll do that online. It also putes being a lot cheaper.Won at present create a dazzling team using new panion. The Wooden Ball When golf first ca about Ben Foster Jersey , the balls used were made from hardwoods such as beech and crudely rounded with tools. This period lasted from the 14th Century to the 17th Century. In the late 16th Century it is recorded that one William Mayne was producing clubs for the nobility in Scotland. In 1603 Mayne, a bowmaker by trade was appointed Andros Townsend Jersey , among other things, clubmaker to King Jas VI of Scotland Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Jersey , ortly before his aession to the throne of England. Record books also ow that in 1447 King Jas II issued his now famous edict in Parliant that golf was to be outlawed. His concern was that his subjects were more interested in golf than training how to use the warfare weapons of their ti! Worried this would leave his country defenceless; he banned golf (although it was still played, just not by the masses.) The Feather Ball The feather ball period was the longest period of stability in the history of the golf ball. The feathery ball period lasted from as early as the 14th Century to as late as the 16th Century and was produced until the early 1850’s. In its beginnings the leather golf balls were likely to have been filled with wool or hair. These balls quickly lost their resilience and ultimately it was discovered that the use of feathers produced a livelier and longer lasting ball. Producing a feathery was a ti consuming process that required considerable expertise. The craftsn themselves vied with eh other for the contrts from the richest patrons of the ga and were often scathing about the results their petitors hieved. Enough feathers went into eh ball to fill a Top Hat and contrary to the na of this ball it was as hard as a stone and could travel in excess of 250yds. Feather golf balls were not round and were more often than not oblong in ape. There were a variety of sizes and weights and the ball would be marked with its weight in drams clearly visible along with the maker’s na. Despite not being round feathery golf balls did fly and roll with remarkable trueness and were perfectly suited to the crude greens of the day. The Gutty Ball This is where the modern era started Adam Lallana Jersey , with the feathery being repled by the gutty. The industrial revolution was booming in the UK and ftories started to manufture many more products using rubber…it was only a matter of ti before soone would substitute the feathery with a more durable material. In the end Reverend Jas Patterson, a keen golfer discovered the gutty-percha whilst on missionary work in Malaysia. Gutty-percha is a similar material to rubber that is made from the dried sap of a tree and Jas discovered almost by mistake that this material could be used to make golf balls with. Two-piece tal mouldings were made to produce perfectly round spheres. At first only smooth balls were manuftured but golfers soon began to realise that the more the ball nicked and marked Wayne Rooney Jersey , the easier it was to predict their ots. This eventually led to manufturers producing gutty balls with surfe markings to enhance their aerodynamic qualities. Quickly these balls were being made at a frtion of the cost of the feathery and eventually the ga of golf beca affordable to the general public.

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If you?re a fan of radio-controlled vehicles Yankees Brian Roberts Jersey , but find standard RC to be lacking in power and running time, you might want to consider looking into gas powered RC cars. These cars, which run on a nitromethane-based fuel that is often referred to as ?glow fuel? or ?nitro?, offer a level of realism and performance that you just won?t find on battery powered cars. Gas powered RC cars are also often highly customizable, allowing hobbyists to utilize a variety of engines and design types? there are even different types of transmitters available depending upon how you would prefer your car to work. Below are some of the options available for gas powered RC cars, giving you an idea of the level of customization that you can achieve. Engines Obviously, one of the more important aspects of gas powered RC cars is the engine. A variety of different engine models are available for you to choose from Yankees Thurman Munson Jersey , but in general most cars of this type will have what are commonly referred to as ?glow? engines. A ?glow? engine is a 2-cycle internal combustion engine, creating the power that gas powered RC cars are known for and adding a bit of realism to the car with the exhaust that is produced. Instead of the spark plugs that a full-size automotive engine would have, these engines use a ?glow plug? that is heated by what is known as a ?glow starter? This heat is then held by the plug and is used to fire the engine strokes for the remainder of the running time. Fuel As mentioned above, the ?gas? used by gas powered RC cars isn?t actually gasoline? it?s a special fuel that is nitromethane-based and formulated for the cars? engines. Special lubricants are added to the fuel mixture to protect the engine from excessive heat and wear; the lubricants work in much the same way as gas-oil mixtures in some chainsaws and other small-engine equipment. Other fuel accessories may be needed to go with your car. A pump or special bottle may be used to get the fuel into the RC car?s fuel tank, and filters in the fuel line may need to be replaced from time to time. Radio The radio that you use to control your gas powered RC cars can be the same type that is used to control an electric model of RC car. A 2-channel radio system. It?s important to keep in mind that just because the car?s engine runs on a liquid fuel doesn?t mean that you have no need of batteries. In addition to the battery that powers the radio controller, you might find yourself in need of batteries to supply power to the radio receiver in the car itself. Of course, with some receivers it may be possible to have the power supplied by the motor of the car itself. The type of receiver that you use and the power supply that it needs are one consideration to keep in mind when comparing different parts or different cars. Sport vs. Competition A variety of different options and body styles exist for gas powered RC cars. You can choose from trucks Yankees Hiroki Kuroda Jersey , sedans, buggies, popular car models, and even stock cars. Once you?ve decided upon the body style and layout that?s right for you, however, you may find yourself facing one additional choice. Many of the car models available commercially come in two distinct types; a sport version, and a competition version. Sport cars tend to cost less Yankees Don Larsen Jersey , and offer basic options that are popular with beginners and casual hobbyists. For those who want to race their cars against other dedicated hobbyists, though, there are the competition cars which tend to have more power and higher speeds and offer advanced options such as oil shocks and ball bearings. Competition models may not be a complete car, however, since they are designed to allow for more customization? many of these kits require you to get the engine that you want to go with it separately, as well as the car body in many cases (since the kit only provides the main chassis.) Kits vs. RTR If you?ve decided that you want to buy gas powered RC cars, you often have to make a choice between buying a kit Yankees Roger Maris Jersey , so that you can build the car yourself, or buying a ready-to-race car (also known as RTR) that is ready to be fueled and go right out of the box. RTR cars are good for beginners or casual hobbyists, but aren?t highly customized. Kits, on the other hand, may require additional work but allow the builder to decide exactly how they want their car put together. Should you use a kit, it?s important to remember that you?ll need to make sure that you have the engine that you want, paint and basic tools on hand for assembly and decoration Yankees Mariano Rivera Jersey , and additional tools and parts depending upon the kit that you purchase. Regardless of the type of car that you buy, though, you?re certain to find yourself amazed at the power and performance of these cars loved by hobbyists and racers around the world. Author’s Resource Box Did you find this article useful? For more useful tips and hints, points to ponder and keep in mind, techniques, and insights pertaining to guides on games, sports and recreation Yankees Jacoby Ellsbury Jersey , do please browse for more information at our websites. http:www.infozabout http:www.recreation.infozaboutArticle Source: How many people out there have a need to alter their password some time or the other in their lives? Although no hands need to be raised, this undeniable ft is constantly bombarding all users’ minds day in and day out to change Yahoo passwords. Due to various methods thought up by overzealous individuals in pinching these pass keys, the average user is reminded time and again to review his or her secret word. This effort is meant to discourage the less scrupulous folk from gaining a foothold and subsequently aess into one’s email, finances and whatever else one has signed up with this provider of myriad services. Although many are more than familiar with the various options to login to their aounts, some bee absolutely stymied as their minds go blank when attempting to effect this simple change of password.

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Choline is an essential B vitamin that functions as a precursor for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and as a bull ding block for phospholipids in cellular membranes and lipoproteins and for the methyl donor betaine. It can be manufactured in the body (from the amino acid methionine) Antonio Candreva Jersey , although whether it can be made in sufficient amounts for optimal health is a matter of some debate. Folk acid and vitamin B12 are also needed to process choline. Choline plays a role in liver function, cardiovascular health, and brain development {as an amine precursor for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine). In 1998, the Food and Nutrition Board (FNB) of the National Academy of Sciences established adequate intake (AI) levels for choline of 550 mgday for men and 425 mgday for women. In setting AI levels for choline, the FNB also noted that there are few data to assess whether a dietary supply of choline is needed at all stages of the life cycle and it may be that choline requirement can be met by endogenous synthesis at some of these stages (National Academy of Sciences, 1998). Nevertheless, numerous cboline-based dietary supplements are marketed with claims for improving memory Andrea Pirlo Jersey , protecting the cardiovascular system, preventing cancer, and delaying fatigue. Choline is found in the diet in milk, liver, eggs, peanuts, and soybeans Andrea Barzagli Jersey , where it is available as free choline or is bound as esters such as phosphocholine, glycerophosphocholine, sphingomyelin, or phosphatidylcholine. Choline can also be found in various brain support supplements, including lecithin (phosphatidylcholine). Although adequate maternal choline intake has been shown to be important for fetal brain development during pregnancy, dietaiy sources of choline (eggs and peanuts) are the preferred method of increasing choline intake for pregnant women. Among endurance athletes, choline supplements may be warranted because intake of choline is presumed low (owing to reliance on a high-carbohydrate diet for energy) and loss of choline following exercise is greater. Although it is important to ensure an adequate daily intake of choline to support normal nerve function and cell membrane structure Alberto Aquilani Jersey , it is unlikely that additional choline in supplement form will boost mental acuity or endurance exercise performance (common product claims). Choline is required to make essential membrane phospholipids, as a precursor for the biosynthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, and as an important source of labile methyl groups in numerous methylation reactions throughout the body (Zeisel et al., 1991). The AI levels for choline (425-550 mgday) are based on the prevention of liver damage as assessed by serum alanine aminotransferase levels. Healthy humans fed a choline-deficient diet develop impaired methylation capabilities and liver dysfunction within 3 weeks, suggesting that choline is an essential nutrient (Jacob et al., 1995; Zeisel etal., 1991). Choline participates in lipid (fat) transport in the body and may reduce accumulation of fat in the liver (Zeisel et al. Alessio Cerci Shirts , 1991). As a dietary supplement and ergogenic aid, however, claims surrounding choline are mostly the result of its role as a component of acetylcholine (the neurotransmitter needed for conduction of nerve signals and brain function). Claims in this area typically involve mental performance, memory, and reaction time. During pregnancy, the mothers choline intake may influence memory and brain development in the growing fetus. Studies on choline and lecithin supplementation clearly show an increase in blood choline levels following supplementation with 1-5 gof choline (or5~15 g of lecithin). Despite the wide range of commercial products claiming choline as a memory aid, no studies support that role. Studies of choline supplementation for fat metabolism have shown that choline does not increase fat metabolism; moreover Claudio Marchisio Shirts , choline appears to reduce serum and urinary carnitine levels an effect that could be expected to reduce overall fat metabolism (Daily and Sachan, 1995; Hongu and Sachan, 2003). Choline has also been studied in humans as an aid to endurance exercise. Because plasma choline levels are known to fall after strenuous exercise, it has been suggested that choline supplementation might delay fatigue and enhance performance by increasing the synthesis of acetylcholine for muscle contractions (Spector et al., 1995; Warber et al., 2000). Studies of choline supplementation in athletes, however Ignazio Abate Shirts , have been disappointing. In one study of soldiers, 8.425 g of choline citrate given before and midway through a 4-hour treadmill exercise increased plasma choline levels by 128% but had no significant effect on any performance measurement (Warber et al., 2000). In another study, trained cyclists were supplemented with 2.43 g of choline bitartrate 1 hour before either a brief supramaximal (150% maximum power) or prolonged submaximal (70% maximum power) exercise test. Choline supplementation increased plasma choline levels 37-52%, but no significant changes were noted for measures of fatigue or exercise performance for either test (Spector et al., 1995).