MBT アウトレット Depicting the alluring character of Mandraki Village in Skiathos, the new hotel website enables users to penetrate into the hotel€s soothing and heart-warming atmosphere, map their travel experience and get a glimpse of the hotel€s playful yet luxurious spirit and its exclusive facilities and services. Following its fruitful cooperation with Mandraki Village for 3 consecutive years, Mozaik releases its brand new website conveying its refreshing approach to luxury island living. The colourful and fresh design reflects the aesthetic sense of harmony between the hotel€s dynamic environment and luxurious feel while the easy navigation ensures a pleasant browsing experience. The artistic web design by Mozaik mirrors the hotel€s exuberant character through a colourful scheme and vivid photographs of Mandraki€s luxuriant interiors and gracious exterior spaces. The new website offers a full presentation of the exclusive facilities and services of this luxuriously unique hotel in Skiathos as well as information on the hotel€s stunning location right by the beautiful beach of Koukounaries in Skiathos. Discerning travellers seeking a relaxing escape in a gorgeous environment have now the opportunity to escape in the blissful ambiance of Mandraki Village where luxury is the backdrop to the picture perfect setting. Guests are invited to revel in privacy, unwind in some of the most elegant Skiathos rooms, dive in the tranquil waters of Koukounaries beach or lounge by the pool with a refreshing fruity cocktail. Scrumptious meals of gourmet Mediterranean flavours await residents at the Elia€s restaurant for a mouth-watering culinary experience. The hotel€s brilliant location allows travellers to hideaway in the serene ambiance of Mandraki Village, partake in waters ports activities, horseback riding adventures and boat excursions and discover the island of Skiathos in the most fun and enjoyable way while indulging in pure luxury. Mandraki Village is a delightful paradise for families with young children we wish to spend some fun and enjoyable time together, as well as dear friends and romantic couples seeking a dream sanctuary to rekindle their passion or exchange eternal vows in this fairyland setting of Skiathos Island.

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