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borsa chanel outlet your five. See how you are going to handle medical insurance. This tends to often be practiced by subscribing to a professional business of some kind; big groups improve choices for health insurance. If you cannot do this, select a medical savings account or buying insurance oneself. Nandan at Kolkata was patronized by one of the most acclaimed directors of the country, Satyajit Ray. Film lovers find the Satyajit Ray Archive here to be a wonderful resource of information about the great master of Indian cinema. In the archive, there are a few of his most excellent films, scripts and commentaries made by him during his lifetime. For learners of films, Nandan is a perfect place to do cinematic research. The well maintained library has unique collections of cinematic books and journals offering an important guidance to the great world of cinema that includes its past, present and future. Indian state of West Bengal is known for its craze for movies. Because of the rising demand for quality films by these cinema crazy people of the state, Government of West Bengal constructed a cinematic complex in the state capital Kolkata. This complex was open to public on 2nd September 1985 as a perfect tribute to the movie lovers. Nandan is always full of beans with activity especially on the prime days. Film shows and festivals are common at Nandan and as such it is a much sought after destination of the movie lovers. In the month of November, Nandan hosts the well known Kolkata Film Festival in which moving pictures from all over the globe are shown. This film festival with more than two decades of history has turned out to be a key element of the effervescent cultural environment of Kolkata. There is a Bangla Academy situated at the end of the Nandan campus. It displays the short fiction films representing exceptional works from all corners of the world. The well known film directors like Antonio Urano, Hannah Fischer, Luis Alberto Restrepo, Roland Reber, Zoltan Paul, Amir Sahab Razavian and others have shown their masterpiece films at Nandan in Kolkata. Workshops and seminars happen regularly at Nandan. A visit to Nandan is the perfect way to sense the pulse of this lively city and to realize the cultural background of the place. There are a few nearby attractions next to Nandan such as Maidan, Park Street, Esplanade, Victoria Memorial and Birla Planetarium. Nandan is located at the southeast corner of the Maidan. The complex is open to public from 10 am to 5.30 pm. You can visit this place at any day. There is no admission fee at Nandan. However you have to buy tickets at the time of film festivals to watch films. Photography is strictly prohibited. You can reach Nandan by taking a local bus or taxi. Buses and taxis are available from different parts of Kolkata. Train services are also available. The nearest railway station is Howrah. The closest metro station is Maidan.

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