In the common run of people’s eyes, the one breath of Li Yun Dong connect absorb for two minutes, this absolutely not the mankind can make of affair, one personal lung capacity again big, be also absolutely not likely to have so greatly, can they really don’t know, the spirit breath outside Li Yun Dong has been already ruptured at this time, it is inside the body to prop up his of inside spirit, just so-called“any interest stop a true interest to rise, continuing if save unintentionally“ would is this truth.
What to arouse Li Yun Dong’s breathing is strongly exactly him inside the Dan, inside his body of inside the Dan is revolved with astonishing speed high speed, thus urge the true dollar in the body to constantly and continuously and outwardly flow to drip.
Ordinary people of inside the Dan mostly belong to fire, but Li Yun Dong of inside Dan at the beginning while the Himalayas building a radicle with the Wei forging of thunder and lightning but become, naturally took a thunder and lightning attribute, therefore can call up is the thunder Dan inside the fire.
But the thunder start hair at water, the fire steams water again the Teng quickly dissolve to become fume, therefore Li Yun Dong absorbs the humidity in the body quickly drive Li Yun Dong of inside the Dan dissolved to become a great deal of water vapor, thus from his top of head 100 meeting the cave steam Teng but.
Led for a minute again like this, this water jar saw to see bottom, public sees Supra Shoes UK Li Yun Dong top of head white the spirit steam Teng, a white line dashes forward house roof to quickly spread out vacillating, three like fog flowers, imitate a Buddha three flower gather a crest.
Li Yun Dong among this spirit fog the dress Jue hunt, the black hair floats a dance, calm auto, really is as if fairy middleman, immensely resourceful, it hold in high esteem people to hand over to add.
Didn’t once know how long as well, sudden Li Yun Dong the last water in the water jar also all absorb come up, public this just of one exhaled an one breath and imitated a Buddha just several minuteses are endless as if must are general for a few centuries, they a Be all silly to silly looking at Li Yun dong, a words also can not say it, and the affair imitating a Buddha just has already exceeded their imaginations.
Is utter silence in the store of ground three fairies, the needle falls to smell.
Li Yun Dong’s doesn’t touch an urn and sucked dry this urn of of water, his belly didn’t also see drum bulge but rise, body form more have no the least bit of nuisance and sink an idea of, he list once the hand lift and carried this water jar inversion, then turned 1 turn to people on all sides and signaled hint to see don’t remain a drop of water in this water jar to them.
At this time, people are just like wakening from a dream, send out a colourful voice of astoundingly drinking, voice almost house roof all to uncover.
The public celebrities sat to be on the second floor an is excited the applause is like th Supra High Top Shoes under, hand over a head to connect an ear way:“This was really too unimaginable!“
„This where is a tricks, this is clear is a fairy magic!“
„Fairy, this is absolutely a fairy!“
Also someone loudly shouts a way:“Fairy Lee comes to 1 again!“
Liu Fei Er is also excited must small hand all to clap red but still lack self-knowledge, the Cao is still thin to pour a control live, the drum of her grace but courtesy wear Zhang, but her arm elbow at put out strength of touch an one side of Liu Fei Er, mouth in continuously say:“How?Is Gao Ren?Is Gao Ren?“
Liu Fei Er’s in the mind faced Li Yun Dong to admire extremity, the hand was continuously to applause, can mouth top but have some to defy spirit to the thin Cao, say:“Has not the cup changed out!“
The Yin dream Fan vision of one side peculiarly conjectures Li Yun Dong, again often look the other way to shock could not say words come of Chen Wan just with two brother and sister of Chen You Chen Hui, as if deep in thought in the eye.
Su’s cicada, purple Yuan and week Qin Deng Ren is also mutual to saw one eye, in the vision all show unintentionally mightiness think delight and idea of respecting and admiring, all of them are the persons who knows goods, know that Li Yun Dong cans make this to have to how terrible to fear. Men Supra Shoes UK y change of looking at Li Yun Dong, the vision is complicated, D Nan also shocking of looking at Li Yun Dong, show unintentionally in the eye mightiness of worship and idea of chasing.
Zou Ping although the skill that once saw Li Yun Dong several times, today Li Yun Dong this makes her greatly terrified all alone, she knows naturally:Would this not° until many male Huns many Nings does of true dollar attain?Would this not° until what terror how and strongly inside Dan in a twinkling resolve so much water all?
The seeing of Zou Ping discomfort is one eye oneself’s teacher, but sees Zhang Ling’s facial expression is extremely difficult to see of stare at Li Yun Dong, a speech not hair, lead very in a short while, she just eyes tiny tiny one Mi, be like do what graveness of make firm decision.
Li Yun Dong towards public turned 1 turn, let the water jar that they all saw in the hand really is after a drop of water didn’t remain, he once turns round, is just wanting to talk to Zhang Ling, but sudden the air sudden fall in a cup.
Quick speed that this cup falls in is like almost someone to intentionally and flustered and frustratedly make an effort to fall off toward ground.
Li Yun Dong’s eye the disease is quick moving, body like once the top turn, a hand puts a tea urn on the ground, another hand a low, get a month just like the monkey general, wrist softness of on turning, the palm is very steady to answer this cup.
The public eye sees a white light one Shan, an object that is like a cup shape quickly from the midair downfall, close behind body form of Li Yun Dong is one Xuan, waited him again station start of time, then hold a cup in a palm, another hand negative at after death, Ao however sign. Women Supra Skytop Shoes
The clear voice way of Li Yun Dong:“The everybody pleases see, I come back from changing this cup again!“
At this time public feels that oneself imitates a Buddha see a Hollywood is big slice of, in fall Dang to rise and fall to let people deeply however the spirit comes, until at this time, they just can finally exhale all spirits, let go of all rocks in heart, shake an exorbitant price to generally start to drink colourful.
Li Yun Dong praises cup Gao Gao, he flies to say to Zheng Yuan and the Du:“Two notary publics want not to want and see whether originally that cup?“
Zheng Yuan and Du flew to all just peep out for Li Yun dong of the Zhe that skill shakes, shake head in succession, Li Yun Dong once turned round again and just said to Chen Wan:“Chen Zong, do you want and see?“
Chen Wan just some all over too agitated dithers come forward, his eyes looking at Li Yun Dong and is like to looking at a fairy in a life time, and his hands hold up the cup in the palm of Li Yun Dong and cautiously took a look, then connect to win to shout a way:“To to, is this cup!“
Chen Wan just concussion thousand times of Gao Gao stick out a thumb, horselaugh way:“My Chen Wan just walks the south rush north and once saw numerous strange persons a difference a private, but childe Lee, you are the most severe a that I have ever seen!My Chen Wan just took!“
At this time, have been obvious on victory or defeat of field, Zhang Ling Leng hums a , she knows oneself she to have no thus and leisurely long of true vitality interest, can not do it to be like Li Yun Dong if not using magic trick so pure absorb water by true dollar, her facial expression is difficult to see, a speech not hair go toward outside walk, the Zou Ping sees power far from good, also immediately follow her to walk to go out.While leaving, their Zhao You Gen in opposite Zhao Shi Cha’s Chuang already drive the chirpaur beauties the Chan hand, can he remains foolish to foolishly be like a stone carving similar silly stand to appear lost in thought.
The Zou Ping faced to see her one eye before walking, inwardly Cui one mouthful, the low voice in heart scolds a way:“If isn’t that this useless thing is thus incapable, we again why the need for strong line successful in career?Hum!“
Of their 2 people the store of ground three fairies all from afar can still hear the person of inside still at loudly drink colourful, particularly the colourful voice is the biggest drinking of Li Yun Dong’s the schoolmateses.
Zhang Ling listens to these voices very and irritating to the ear at this time, her facial expression metal graily says to the Zou Ping:“No matter use what means, you have to think way nine turn gold Dan the Shu to my lane!“
Zou Ping Leng for a while:“Nine turn gold Dan Shu?“
Zhang Ling Nu’s way:“Be getting deafer!If the this rascal boy of Li Yun Dong isn’t a self-discipline to lead nine gold Dan Shu of turnings, how the possible breathing is thus extending far, how may inside Dan thus strong?His self-discipline arrives the eighth to turn now so strong, make him break the ninth to turn in the days to come, world the position that still has us?“
Is ashamed, go out go to, doing not thought of will delay so long, sorry sorry, the second more 9:00 is before as usual~
Chapter 418 in public does obeisance teacher[this chapter word number:3715 latest renewal time:2011-02-01 20:58:44.0]
The piece works properly and once the Zou Ping walk and still can not pass with Li Yun Dong before the upstairs down stairs of ground three fairies sank into happy Teng of one, of Zheng Yuan also full face heap the arch hand for smiling say to Li Yun Dong:“Congratulate Li Zhen Ren’s teahouse on successfully open, congratulate!“
Li Yun Dong saw his one eye and said chillily:“Thank.“

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