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women nfl jerseys The article €La Paz€ was written by Alma Guillermoprieto. She is a journalist who describes Bolivian politics and economics, and Guillermoprieto demonstrates how the poor economy of Bolivia effects the miners and farmers. Bolivia€s transition to neoliberal economic policy is illustrated, and the controversy regarding the coca plant€s cultivation is explained. There are many individuals who farm the coca plant, but the governments of the U.S. and Bolivia want to eradicate harvesting of the coca crop. The three main individuals of this story are Victor Paz Estenssoro, Max Fernandez, and Jose€ Chile. Estenssoro implemented the New Economic Policy of Bolivia. Max is a Presidential candidate for the 1993 elections, and Jose€ Chile is a coca farmer. As President, I would educate the miners on the importance of making the transition to free-market economics. I would also explain to the farmers that they should plant other crops because, in the future, a large segment of the coca plants will be eradicated. If I were in charge, I would assist the dislocated miners with new job training, and help the farmers with economic assistance to get started with their new crops. Victor Paz Estenssoro is an experienced politician who was elected President in 1952, 1960, and 1985. His party is the M.N.R., which eventually goes against its traditional economic policies to move towards neoliberal trade and against the coca farmers. During the early years in office Estenssoro nationalized the countries tin mines; hence, the state could control prices and wages. Unfortunately, problems developed in the state controlled tin industry; moreover, Bolivia€s entire economy was failing, and the country was in chaos. After Estenssoro was elected again, in 1985, he went against the previous reforms, and the New Economic Policy was implemented. This new approach stopped inflation, balanced the budget, and broke the back of the miners movement. Estenssoro was assisted by the Harvard economist Jeffrey Sachs, and his neoliberal theory was to eliminate state ownership and replace it with private enterprise. Therefore, the economy depended upon the forces of supply and demand; in addition, a free-floating currency and open economic borders were created. There were some negative aspects to this approach. As an adjustment to the new economic policies 2/3 of the state mining corporation€s workers had to be laid off. Furthermore, the government could not support the many social services, so public services were cut. Reducing the government€s influence in economic affairs was difficult to accomplish, but it was necessary. Max Fernandez is a candidate for the upcoming 1993 Presidential elections. He has a brewery, grain suppliers, truckers and a delivery system; hence, he controls all aspects of his company€s beer production. Max is also the largest employer aside from the government. In order to gain political support from slaughter house workers, he found them affordable financing for new meat-packing machinery. Fernandez was not born into the elite class, he is Amerindian who worked his way up from the bottom. Max appeals to the poor and socially outcast because he once came from humble beginnings. He claims that he is running for office because of pressure from his supporters, and that his €… only guiding ideology is that wherever a citizen needs bread or health we give it to him, without asking for anything in exchange€ (Guillermoprieto 184). Max is very popular. His political party is the U.C.S., and he has other politicians working for him. The only negative aspect of Max is that he is rumored to be involved in drug trafficking. Jose€ Chile is the third main character of the article, but it is probably a fake name because of the dangers connected to the coca farming issue. He is one of the many former miners that turned to coca farming, and he is the leader of the local growers association. Therefore, Chile is effected by the eradication of the coca plant. He could plant other crops like pineapples, but it would take too much money to make the transition, and coca is the only product that buyers will send planes for transportation. Some of the legal purposes for growing coca is for domestic consumption (chewing of the leaf), for pharmaceutical companies, and for the Coca-Cola company. But, as a result of the decline in coca prices the Chapare farmers are getting involved in the drug trade. Chile is a union man, and the union hates the D.E.A. and the American military presence in the region. They want coca to be totally legal; in essence, they are defending their livelihood. The current Paz-Banzer government is very corrupt, but it wants to eliminate a large segment of the coca cultivation. The Department of Agricultural Reconversion pays two thousand dollars for every hectare of coca they destroy. In addition, the Americans train the Bolivian anti-drug soldiers, and they are not very nice fellows. The Bolivian special forces steal bicycles, radios, and coca then sell it on the streets. In 1992, during the Presidency of Paz Zamora, Bolivia had the lowest standard of living in the hemisphere. Unemployment and underemployment were at 40%. This increased the number of farmers that were resorting to coca farming, and these hardships also caused Max Fernandez to rise in popularity. For example, Chile is trying to transport cement for the construction of a medical clinic, and he also needs a doctor to assist his district. Chile says, €It takes so long to get so little. What I need to do is figure out how to get in touch with Max Fernandez. He can help€ (Guillermoprieto 195). In the beginning of the article, the author writes the saying €It takes so long to get so little€ under the title €La Paz.€ This is the same remark that Chile states. She is emphasizing the hardship that the farmers face. In order to organize a medical clinic they have to go through many difficulties such as manually carrying the cement. The farmers want someone in power who understands their predicament, like Max Fernandez The farmers themselves may not understand the situation they face. Someone like Max is an acceptable choice for President, but he must assist the people in adapting to the global economy, or their economic conditions will never improve. If I were in charge, I would educate the former miners and farmers on how to make the transition to the modern day economic situation. The farmers must understand that farming coca has no future. The article describes that the Chapare farmers are concerned that low coca prices may enable the local population to get involved in the drug side of the trade, or that violence among the drug elite may develop. The farmers must understand that these are the problems that plague the United States. The American military and D.E.A. are in Bolivia because the United States€ society is getting damaged from the drug trade. The transition to other crops such as pineapples may not yield the same amount of profit instantly, but changes need to be made because eventually much of the coca farming will be eradicated. I would also inform the miners that they must accept the fact that the once profitable tin mining is now very limited. Miners must understand that the government has to run on sound economic policies, and private ownership of the tin mines is necessary. As President, I would do my best to supply the dislocated workers with alternative job training, but the people need to make changes in order to prevent low economic performance and to compete in a global economy. I agree with Estenssoro€s New Economic Policy. In order to prevent inflation and to balance the budget strict guidelines need to be followed. Privately owned industries are much more efficient than state controlled entities, and if the miners rely on the state for too many benefits there will not be enough funding for the entire group. There should be a safety net for the people who need assistance with the bare necessities of life; however, the government needs to be realistic about what it could afford. The transition to private ownership is painful, but chaos is the only alternative. Bolivia must prepare itself to compete in the modern day economy The article describes how the people walking along the Prado in La Paz are conditioned to feel that they have no power. During a coup in the 1970s an armored helicopter killed dozens of people €to signify that resistance was useless€ (Guillermoprieto 178). In addition, leftist labor and political leaders have been killed in the past by paramilitary squads. This terrible violence symbolizes how the former miners and coca farmers feel about the new economic and anti-coca policies of the government. The miners movement was broken, and coca farming is becoming a dangerous business; however, the miners and farmers must accept that it is futile to resist the war on drugs and the transition to free-market economics. They need to find other means to survive in the current economy. Alma Guillermoprieto is a journalist who describes Bolivian politics and economics. In €La Paz,€ she effectively demonstrates the predicament that miners and farmers are facing because of the lacking tin industry and the war on drugs. Bolivia€s transition to neoliberal economic policies are illustrated, and the opposing opinions regarding the coca plant€s cultivation are explained. There are many individuals who farm the coca plant, but the government wants to eradicate the harvesting of the coca. The three main individuals of this story are Victor Paz Estenssoro, Max Fernandez, and Jose€ Chile. Estenssoro implemented the New Economic Policy of Bolivia. Max is a Presidential candidate for the 1993 elections, and Jose€ Chile is a coca farmer. As President, I would educate the miners on the importance of making the transition to free-market economics, and I would explain to the farmers that they should plant other crops such as pineapples. Because of the war on drugs much of the coca crops will be eliminated. If I were in charge, I would assist the dislocated miners with new job training, and I would provide economic assistance to the farmers so they could get started with their new crops. The transition to the global economy is difficult, but inevitable.

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mulberry bags outlet At the northern end of Via Ortolano is an opening towards the small fishing harbour of Cefalu. A small sandy beach provided a great opportunity for local kids to cool off, restaurants with outdoor terraces invited to have a cool drink, and Japanese tourists, well sheltered from the noon time sun, were sitting in a corner of the beach, painting the scenic waterfront.

mbt uk Among the many gems of Cayos Cochinos is the remarkable tiny island village of Chachahuate. The village is home to 100 Garifuna people, desecendants of African slaves who were marooned on the island 200 years ago. The village today has 30 huts and a thriving village who make a living off fishing and also the little tourism which trickles in. The Garifuna people still preserve their own language which is an African dialect along with Spanish. Their diet is mostly red snapper, grouper, lobster, conch, rice, beans and coconut.

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