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クロエ 店舗 are helping to spread awareness after a recent report from U.S.-based National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) that released grim details about home fires. The report indicated that in four years, there were over 350,000 residential fires with an average of seven occupants dying in those fires each day. The statistics worked out that 1 in 320 homes overall have caught fire. The report further broke down statistics to show that half of the fires occurred at night when a home’s occupants are typically asleep. Though astounding, the report detailed how 25 percent of the fires actually started in bedrooms. A sobering statistic in the report is that 60 percent of deaths due to fire were in homes where there were no smoke detectors or the ones that were present were non-functional. The report was grim with the statistics of lives lost that occur due to home fires, but it also reiterated the standard things homeowners can put in place to protect loved ones. With the number one cause of home structure fires and harm to occupants occurring during the preparation of meals, the number one prevention tip is to be careful when cooking. Never leave items unattended while they are actively cooking. Use a timer, and shut off the stove if it is necessary to leave the kitchen even for a moment. The standard fire safety protocols for homes stay the same in light of the dark reality of the NFPA report. There needs to be an evacuation plan in place that occupants practice on a regular basis. Smokers need to smoke outdoors. Candle safety is a must, and space heaters must be kept at least three feet away from combustible materials. At the top of the safety list is having smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that work properly. Burglar Stop installs products for that include fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detection, and they are connected to a 24-hour monitored system. With 60 percent of fire deaths occurring in homes without working smoke detectors, and half at night while everyone is asleep, families can be protected by simply having a working smoke and fire detection system installed. Security companies of Vancouver such as Burglar Stop want all homeowners to know that lifesaving early warning systems in the event of home fires are affordable. People can have home security in the Vancouver area including the whole lower mainland for all homes and budgets. There are also upgrades available for existing systems. Unlike standard store-bought smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, a Burglar Stop system is a connected system that alerts a central monitoring center even if occupants are unable to notify the fire department. Also, an interconnected system sounds a central alarm in the home that will be heard even if a smoke detector in the basement sounds an alarm while everyone on the top floor asleep in bed. None of the families that became a statistic in the report planned on their homes catching fire or being harmed. However, every family can be proactive in using modern methods and technology for fire prevention and to provide early warning in the event that a house fire does occur. For more information about home security in Vancouver, please visit .

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