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The bikini doesnt have to be a frightening prospect. You may be sat there in front of your PC right now thinking to yourself that when you go on holiday this year nike air max 1 ultra city new york , you may just go for a one piece swimsuit and an extra large towel to hide under. Dont forget though, that you are your own worst critic. There are a number of things you can do to ensure you look your best on the beach this Summer. The first is to make sure you choose the right size bikini. If you have put on a few pounds since you got married or had the kids or whatever, then your current bikini may be a little tight, and this is one of the biggest reasons why it may not look as good as it once did. And is probably the reason why you might be considering looking for a new one. First of all, measure yourself properly and make sure you buy the right size bikini. This is where a bikini has an advantage over the one piece swim suit. Bikinis come in two parts. Why not buy them in two parts? La Senza for example specialise in producing bikinis which fit like underwear with cup sizes and waist sizes that mix and match to ensure the perfect outfit (actually quite a lot of the other swimwear brands do this too). Whats more La Senza dont believe in adding cost just because you are a bigger cup size. All their bikini tops are priced exactly the same no matter what your cup size. If you are unsure of how sizes from different countries compare, take a look at the size chart on the Beach Garments website. The next thing is to ensure you choose the right style for your body shape. If you have bigger legs, although this might sound strange, you should consider trying string bikini bottoms instead of shorts, as the tightness of the shorts around your legs will emphasize their size. If you have relatively short legs then choose a bikini bottom which has a high cut to the leg as this will emphasize your leg length. However nike air max 1 ultra paris , if you want to shorten the look of your upper body, why not consider a tankini? You are undoubtedly hoping to return from your holiday this year with a gorgeous looking tan. Make sure you do some preparation though. You will have more confidence to step out onto the beach in your gorgeous Melissa Odabash number on day one if you already have a nice bronze colour to your skin. You can try and kick start this in your back garden but the chances are you will get frost bite here in the UK long before your skin starts to turn brown. Why not have a look at some artificial bronzing products, or even a few short sessions on a sunbed? Make sure though, that you use the bikini you intend to use on the beach, so that the white marks are in the right places. Another confidence builder which pays dividends when you are trying your bikini on in front of the mirror is to pay attention to your skin. If you have had your pedicure, had your waxing treatment and exfoliated and moisturised your legs you will pass close scrutiny in the mirror. This will lead to greater confidence when stepping out on the beach where, in general, people will only be checking you out from a distance. By the way, dont neglect your under-arms! Why not give yourself a boost in the chic department as well. Match your bikini to your beach accessories. A great looking hat and bag nike air max 1 nz , and a quality pair of sunglasses and sandals will do wonders for your overall appearance. If you want to add some length to your legs, why not try a sturdy wedge heeled sandal? This next tip may sound a little patronising, but remember back to when your mum used to shout at you all the time dont slouch!. You should put this great advice to good use on the beach. The great looking bikini babe will always walk with her shoulders back and chest forwards and will never let her stomach muscles relax, whether standing, walking or sitting. Make sure you maintain this posture at all times, and there will be no reason why that gorgeous bikini babe cant be you! There is always the fact though that after enjoying a few extra portions of Christmas turkey that you may have put on a few pounds since last Summer. If so, and you really want to knock ‘em dead on the beach then start thinking about a new exercise regime to tone up your muscles quite a few weeks before your intended bikini debut. Concentrate on the problem areas such as the tummy, bottom and upper arms. Use relatively light, hand-held weights. Your new bikini will look its best on a firm nike air max 1 ultra city , toned body. Finally, make sure you eat healthily. Stick to a balanced diet (not a faddy one which will mean piling it all on again) and drink plenty of water. This last point is important as it will help to keep your skin looking healthy and will improve its texture. Remember, the bikini is not your enemy, it is your friend. It shows off your good parts and if you choose wisely it can accentuate your assets while drawing attention away from your less than perfect bits. Dont hide under that towel for the whole holiday, let the bikini show you off and reveal you to be the confident person you always wanted to be. Wayne Armstrong is the owner of the Beach Garments website where not only can you pick yourself up a bargain bikini or swimsuit but there are numerous articles on how to look the best on the beach.

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