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Tweet Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is one of the many diseases and conditions that can affect the kidneys. These o small organs (eh about 4 inches long and they weigh less than a pound altogether) filter the blood at a rate of about eighteen gallons per hour. Over half of all of the fluid in the body will also be filtered by the kidneys at so point nike air max 87 for sale , removing waste products and sending those to the bladder to be excreted via urine. By the end of the day, the body will have created and excreted about o quarts of urine (more or less, depending on liquid intake) (Source: The National Kidney and Urologic Disease Information Clearinghouse). Chronic kidney disease may be slow to develop, while ute kidney disease can develop very quickly and can be very dangerous. Because the kidneys are important to the body, any symptom that could indicate problems ould be investigated by a doctor. Acute kidney disease can lead to a rapidly progressing loss of renal function. Symptoms of ute kidney disease can include decreased urinary output, bodily fluid disturbances and electrolyte imbalances. CKD may have no initial symptoms at all. Additional symptoms of progressing kidney disease include increased urea in the blood, vomiting, diarrhea which can lead to dehydration, weight loss nike air max skyline mens , increased nocturnal urination, foamy or bubbly urine, and increased frequency or increased amounts of urine, typically with very pale color. (Alternately, the symptoms can include decreased frequency and amounts with very dark colored urine.) Blood in the urine, a sense of pressure and difficult urination are also indicative of advanced kidney disease. As the bodys fluid and electrolyte imbalance bees even more unbalanced, there will be increasing levels of phosphates in the blood, itching skin, bone damage and muscle cramps as a result of the low levels of calcium in the blood. A buildup of potassium (hyperkalemia) can lead to abnormal heart rhythms and eventual muscle paralysis. Kidney disease may also cause swelling of the legs air max 90 womens sale , ankles, feet, fe and hands as well as ortness of breath. Protein and the Kidneys When protein is digested in the body, it is first broken down into amino ids which are used to create other amino ids, hormones, and enzys for a variety of functions and uses. After the protein is pletely broken down, it will generate waste products which travel through the digestive trt walls and out into the bloodstream, where they will be filtered and removed by the kidneys. A healthy kidney has millions of nephrons which work to filter these and other waste products out of the blood stream, however nike air max 90 american flag , an unhealthy kidney is not able to filter these wastes which are then allowed to not only build up in the kidney but to bk up into the blood stream as well. Chronic kidney disease is rated by the doctor in stages (I through V) based on the glorular filtration rate (GFR), which is the rate of filtration of the blood through the kidneys. The test rates tual filtration through the glorulus of the renal capillaries to the fluid in Bowmans capsule. Bowmans capsule is the small cup-aped part of the kidney that removes liquid from the blood and converts it to urine before it is sent to the bladder. The rate of this conversion is typically about 120 mL per minute (Source: The New Arican Pocket Medical Dictionary). Using the GFR, the doctor can not only diagnose chronic kidney disease but can diagnose its stage as well. Of course, the stage refers to the severity of the disease. Stages and the scores for the GFR are as follows: Stage GFR Score Stage One 90 or above (normal GFR, abnormal amount of protein noted in urine) Stage Two 60-89 Stage Three 30-59 Stage Four 15-29 (Typically final stage before dialysis bees necessary) Stage Five End Stage Renal Disease Below 15, dialysis is necessary, kidney transplant is considered (Source: Davita.) During the first four stages of CKD, as well as with other types of kidney disease, the need to restrict protein intake is important. Excess protein can cause nausea and vomiting air max 90 hyperfuse for sale , a loss of appetite, weakness, so taste changes and skin itching which may be intense, all because the body cannot handle the waste products created from digesting protein. Restricting the amount of protein as well as sticking to certain types of protein can reduce a number of these symptoms and allow the kidneys to function better so that the progression of the disease can be slowed. The amount of protein that is typically suggested for stages one through three is only slightly less than in the typical diet (12-15% of daily calories ould be protein as opposed to 15-30%). In stage four, however, it is typically further reduced to around ten percent. The most important aspect for these stages of the disease is control: control of the blood sugar and control of the protein intake. Diabetics must also control their blood sugar as well. Plant based protein, the basis of the vegetarian diet, may slow down so of the progression of chronic kidney disease and can give the body the protein that it needs while lessening so of the waste product which can build up in the system (Source Brookyer RD, CSR). In stage five of chronic kidney disease nike air max 90 floral print , the kidneys are working at only ten percent of their normal capity. Instead of filtering about 18 gallons of blood per hour, it may only manage to filter 2. The patient will need to use a mhine to filter the blood stream in a process called dialysis. While dialysis does remove the waste products from the bloodstream, it is not as efficient as the kidneys because it also removes the amino ids that the body tually needs. In this stage of the disease, the body must be given additional amounts of protein not only to et basic needs but to ensure that the lost amino ids are made up for as well.

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