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Evritania is a county in central Greece which offers visitors a wide range of activities from skiing and winter sports to summer activities such as trekking nike huarache hyper pink , horseback riding and kayaking. In addition to the beautiful outdoor environment which promotes physical activities, Evritania also offers monasteries and Byzantine monuments, quaint villages and a burgeoning tourist industry which has spawned a wide selection of hotel resorts and spas. Greece is mountainous, and central Greece is no exception. Karpenisi, the capital of Evritania, is located on the southern slopes of Velouhi. A very popular ski center is located about 11 km outside of town on these same slopes. There are seven lifts, twelve tracks, and a ski school with the obligatory associated bar and restaurant. Several competitions are offered during the winter for skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling; these have become internationally attractive. In warmer weather there are trekking routes with professional mountain guides available in the Agrafa region, on Mt. Helidona and Mt. Kalliakouda nike air huarache triple black , or near Krentis village. Horseback riding excursions are available on mountain trails with professional guides beginning at the village of Korishades which is about five km from Karpenisi. The participant needs long trousers and athletic shoes along with a helmet to participate in this activity. Both river trekking and kayaking are summer offerings in Evrytania. River trekking consists of hiking on stony riverbeds, wading under waterfalls and generally exploring the untrodden passages of nature. In central Greece, it normally takes place at Pantavrexei which means literally it always rains. River kayaking is another matter since it is normally limited by some training; participation is allowed only after a six day kayak school is completed. Good physical condition is required, and the participant must know how to swim. In Evritania, there are three graded rivers for this activity: the Acheloos River is grade I; the Tavropos River is grade II; and the Trikeriotis River is grade III. Some additional requirements are a neoprene suit, a windproof jacket, a helmet, a life jacket and a paddle. For those interested in exploring local history and monuments one of the most celebrated is the Proussos Monastery which has frescoes dating to 1785. However, the real history of this building is from the 9th century. A crypt acts as the church where there is an icon from the Middle Byzantine period, and there are several relics of saints on display. The other monastery in operation in Evritania is Tatarna located in Tripotamo village; it was originally built in the 11th century nike roshe floral nz , but destroyed and rebuilt several times since. It has several valuable relics including 633 texts from the ensuing centuries. On the way from Karpenisi to Proussos monastery, there are several picturesque villages to enjoy. One, Korishades, not only offers the beginning of extensive horseback riding trails but also old mansions among the myriad fir trees. There is the church of Agios Athanassios built in 1865 and a stone school which is now a museum and houses an extensive exhibition of photographs of the 1944 National Resistance. Next, about seven km south of Karpenisi are the villages of Myriki and Megalo Horio (small and large village by definition), both offering a unique and quaint beauty. Of particular appeal are the churches of Saint Georgios and of the Prophet Helias in Myriki. Traditional fountains abound. For another day of enjoying the surrounding villages, head north about 30 km from Karpenisi to the village of Fidakia. Of interest are numerous archeological findings, an old church and the local tavern. The ancient artifacts include pre-Christian burial sites and a Roman and Greek battleground. An additional two km climb up the ridge behind the village provides an incredible view of Lake Kremaston. One more thing: for the most enjoyable and accessible touring of this lovely mountainous area, it does not hurt to have a four-wheel drive vehicle. For those in search of luxury, there are a vast array of hotels nike blazer floral liberty , resorts, spas and village inns in Evritania starting with the upscale Avaris Hotel and the Hotel Club Montana, both in Karpenisi. Additionally, for those interested in the relaxation and special attention of a boutique hotel, there is the Megalo Chorio, also in Karpenisi. Out in the countryside are other specialty boutique hotels; for instance, in Megalo Horio one finds the Drias Hotel as well as some traditional apartment style accommodations, both new and old. There are rooms at To Petrino on the road by the church; these are more of the old variety, but the atmosphere is wonderful and may justify the size of the bill. The prefecture of Evritania located in central Greece has an ancient history dating to around 6000 BCE. It was part of the Byzantine Empire, then became Frankish nike air max 90 fluorescent green , and finally was somewhat autonomous during Ottoman rule. It became fully Greek after the War of Independence (1935). Like all of Greece, it was affected by WWII and the Greek Civil War, but when peace finally came around 1950, the expansion of prefecture economy began in earnest. In recent years, it has become a tourist mecca; however, it still offers some remoteness due to geography. Hopefully, that insulation will not be abrogated. Author Bio: Nick Nikolis is writing about destinations. Visiting Karpenisi Greece,(καρπενησι)?

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