クロエ バッグ BluIP, Inc., a leading provider of cloud communications services, today announced the general availability of its cloud-based self-service-portal for customers. With this offering, and the company€s public and private peering agreements, BluIP makes it easy for an SMB customer or a large enterprise organization to use its internal IT as its own telephone company. BluIP€s Self-Service-Portal allows businesses the ability to fully manage their telephony environments, and scale up and down according to their needs. Unlike similar portal services that act as a front-end to Broadsoft€s provisioning engine, BluIP€s portal takes an innovative approach in mapping the complex organizational structures of modern businesses that maintain the independent and unique branding of each entity within a larger conglomeration. This is a huge benefit to wholesale partners, who are managing many end users, and corporate IT staffs who support diverse business units with their own branding. The cloud service leverages user-friendly web-based GUI screens, enabling the non-telephony expert to provision and monitor. This results in substantial savings in maintenance as well as freeing them to focus on their core business. Additionally, there is no hardware to purchase or software to maintain, extending the cost savings for customers. „The fact that our customer€s IT staff can now provide telephone company like services to their own organization is a huge attraction point for many of our customers,“ said Armen Martirosyan, CEO of BluIP. „We have integrated BroadSoft€s industry leading softswitch platform with our self-service portal to ensure that BluIP is at the leading edge of delivering a reliable and cost-effective cloud-based solution that allows our customers to truly benefit from cloud communications services.“ BluIP is a leading provider of Cloud-based Communication Services (CaaS), and a member of the Cloud Communications Alliance. The company delivers mission critical solutions, such as voice and unified communications, presence management, and customized call center solutions to SMBs and large enterprises. Their customized solutions have served enterprises across multiple vertical markets with multiple sites and complex application and infrastructure integrations, while satisfying the most stringent of industry compliance and security requirements. With unmatched depth of expertise to uncover, develop and implement leading edge cloud communications solutions, BluIP and its partner ecosystem focuses on providing exceptional support, high level of innovation, and an unwavering commitment to the success of its customers. BluIP€s solutions are fully integrated, flexible, scalable, and require no capital investment or ongoing maintenance. To learn more, visit .

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エルメス 財布 メンズ Refugee groups say a backlog of asylum claims continues to foment unrest in Australia’s immigration detention centers. Earlier this year the federal government said intelligence agencies would speed up security checks of asylum seekers whose claims for refugee status have been approved. However, hundreds of refugees are still being held in detention while they wait for their security clearance.

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