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kate spade outlet Basics about sports physiotherapy ===========================================### OGS-SILENTCRIMES FAQ ### v1.0d 05/01/2012 ===========================================Peter Landy ————————————————————————— Q: What’s purpose of the „Organized Gang Stalking is Terrorism“ website? A: The purpose is to expose and educate the public about dangers of a large national criminal enterprise operating in America. More importantly to encourage public discussion and initiate political action to close the gaping loop-hole currently on the Stalking Penal Code. – – – Q: What does OGS stand for? A: O-rganized G-ang S-talking Some other names for this form of criminal harassment are Red Squads, Multi stalking, Cause Stalking, Stalking by Proxy, Organized Harassment, Group Stalking, Community Mobbing and Mob Targeting. – – – Q: What kind of criminal activities are OGS engaged with? A: Covert Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment in direct violations of individual’s human, civil and constitutional rights. (More details to come) – – – Q: Why does OGS stalk in gangs? A: One-on-one stalking is illegal in every state across the nation. For this reason OGS takes advantage of the gaping loop hole from the current legislated stalking penal code by covertly engaging gangs against one. In the process of organizing hundred and thousand of OGS members against one the stalking laws are circumvented with the „Pass-the-Ball Stalking“ maneuver to mitigate association between any „one“ stalking perp against their targeted victim. This way no single perpetrator can be prosecuted for the crime. In addition to magnify the impact of stalking OGS applies hundreds of „signaling“ perps creating the well known „mob targeting“ effect against the victim. – – – Q: Why were particular Target (Ti) Individuals selected? A: First let’s begin with a factual, accurate translation to the lowest common denominator of what’s organized gang stalking about in the most irrefutable term: OGS) Organized Gang Stalking = (OC) Organized Corruption so one has to ask; „What are some of the reasons organized corruption would target and attack individuals?“ Some reasons would be whistleblowers or individuals who will stand up and defend their rights against abuse and many more reasons which would seriously question or threaten their OC hegemony. – – – Q: How does OGS perpetrate covert „Pass-the-Ball Stalking“? A: In short OGS forces psychological code conditioning. In longer description OGS develops and demonstrates various forms of people & vehicular behavioral posturing, posing, flashings and color coding repeatedly hundred and thousand times by rotating OGS members against the surrounded target individual which then establishes projected protocol „signals“ to the targeted individual, 7/24 where ever he/she travels on the road, in stores, classes, at work and so on, they are surrounded by incessant, harassing stalking perpetrators. In this way each OGS member can „pass-the-ball stalk“ the victim without violating existing penal codes. :-: 鈥淎 (OGS) conspiracy may be a continuing one; actors may drop out and others may drop in; the details of operation may change from time to time; the members need not know each other or the part played by others; a member may not need to know all the details of the plan of the operation; he must, however, know the purpose of the conspiracy and agree to become a party to a plan to effectuate that purpose.鈥? 鈥?cited from the California Court of Appeals decision, Craig v. U.S. C.C.A. Cal. 81 F2 :-: – – – Q: How does OGS perpetrate covert Electronic Harassment? A: No two electronic harassment are identical however they all share the common characteristics of remotely applied electronic devices for the purposes of 鈥渘o-touch-torture“ criminally violating human, civil and constitutional rights. In my case OGS used electronic device to flash, jam and in one case destroy my security camera. Wireless Router 鈥榮 WiFi jamming. Snooping, audio devices violating wire tapping laws used to tap my landline phone and penetrate our home privacy. Internet hacking, stealing passwords and confidential information. Other forms of harassment; Unlocking my car’s door several times and numerous property tampering and trespassing. – – – Q: Who are the people engaged in OGS participation? A: The far majority of OGS are strangers; we (TIs) don’t know them and they don’t either except for what they were told by their handlers. In my case I know my immediate neighbors with the assistance of the extended neighborhood and coordinated by their Neighborhood Watch Syndicate are responsible for framing me up to OGS targeting. OGS are made up of people from all ages (kids to grandmas), races, sexual orientation, physical handicapped, cultures and religion; from public and civilian sectors, first responders, technical emergency responders and more. Ninety nine percent of the OGS members are very ordinary looking, unassuming demeanor that would not ring even the most paranoid imagination as a member participating with organized gang stalking syndicate. Anyone who can follow basic, no brainer instructions qualifies to participate in OGS. However driver license, vehicle and cell phone possession preferred. – – – Q: Why and what’s in it for people to participate with OGS – dedicated to the destruction of civil, human and constitutional rights – against individuals they don’t know? A: Add these two together: (OC) Organized Corruption + (FR) Financial Racket. – – – Q: Why don’t you report it to the Police? A: Done that until they made me realize they were aiding, abetting and protecting OGS. ===============================================================


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