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mulberry handbags uk sale Limited access to the remote border areas makes it difficult toverify often contradictory statements from both sides. AT ODDS OVER OIL, BORDERS, CITIZENSHIP Simmering disputes over oil exports, border demarcation andcitizenship, stemming from the South’s secession as an independentnation last year, bubbled over into direct clashes between the tworival armies in April. As the conflict escalated, the United Nations condemned Sudaneseair strikes on South Sudan’s territory and international pressureforced South Sudanese forces to withdraw from the oil-rich area ofHeglig which they had occupied. The fighting prompted the Security Council to pass a resolutionlast week threatening sanctions if the two sides did not follow theAU roadmap, which stipulates a ceasefire and a return tonegotiations. Both sides have made statements warily accepting the proposed peaceplan but say they reserve the right to defend themselves ifattacked.

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